Friday, February 20, 2009

Glimpses of Kamla Vihar Satsang on 10th February with Rishi Vidyadharji

With the divine blessing and grace of our Guruji, we celebrated an evening filled with love, knowledge and bliss with our dear Rishi Vidyadharji at Kamla Vihar Sports Club, Mahavir Nagar Kandivili (West) on the 10th of February 2009.

Divine music flowed as Harshal and Kris sang melodious bhajans and every person sang and felt the music move them.

The Question and Answer session with Rishiji washed away a lot of dust accumulated on the minds. Rishiji's knowledge, wisdom and wit gave answers to one and all.
A few excerpts of Rishiji's session as shared by Devenbhai,
Rishiji, spoke about the importance of knowing where to use head(brain) and where to use heart... we have to us our brain when we are doing business,purchase,research ,bargaining etc. and use our heart when we do sewa,or when others need us.
He spoke about what to do when LUST is troubling us. he replied to do sadhana,sewa,satsang regularly,eat satvik shakahari bhojan,use cold water for bath(only when it is extreme) ,pay attention on thoughts with sakshibhav and feel presence of master around us...

He shared benefits of all course....specially he said part 1 is dial up connection,part 2 is broadband connection and sahaj is wifi broadband. With sahaj mantra you are connceted directly.
On terrorism Rishiji said,
"it is not because of action of terrorist ..but it is because of inaction of all of us ...this is happening." All of us need to wake up and take steps to increase the Satva in our society to stop such inhuman acts from occuring.

Every person present had an experience of peace and calm as Rishi Vidyadharji guided us all through a meditation for 25 minutes.

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