Thursday, December 18, 2008

Up Coming Courses : Sahaj Meditation @ Malad West

Jai Gurudev !!!

Come one, Come all ......Art of Living invites you to experience the magic of Deep Meditation through "SAHAJ MEDITATION COURSE" at MALAD WEST.

21 Dec 2008 : 10.00 am - 01.00 pm
22 & 23 Dec : 07.00 am - .09.00 am

For Registrations, please contact : 9322252248 / 9821025454


Sunday, December 14, 2008

World Peace Meditation @ Oxford Public School

Jai Gurudev !!!

Along with the world peace meditation at kvsc one more work was silently executed...and that is meditation for children in schools and colleges.In kandivli Nipadidi went to Oxford public school on 3rd and 4th Dec 2008. with Darshna and was later accompanied by Alka Didi and our KT(Kaushal Thakkar).
Every day appx. 800 students participated in meditation with the help of school management(our own Madam jyotsna roberts). Pictures will explain you the "true picture".They are doing bhastrika and bhramari.
We will be approaching more schools in coming days. Schools are already contacted and suitable dates are being can join us any time by contacting teachers.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Meditation and chanting for WORLD PEACE on Dec 4th 2008 at Kamla Vihar Sports Club, Kandivili (W) Mumbai.
Hats off to all seva warriors in Kandivili who took up this cause of getting ppl to meditate for world peace. In just 2 days they collected over 1000 people to meditate together.

Comments from Volunteers (Experiences of satsang):

"The venue Kamla Vihar sports club was not available for the satsang till the last minute as a party was to be held there. We all were praying hoping that we get the venue, at the last minute 150 guests for the party cancelled their plans, so the party was shifted to the terrace and the venue was available for the satsang. The decorations for the party were left as it is, so it looked like it was all done for the meditation. This is how grace flows in our lives."

"I felt a deep sense of peace within and the josh to take an action for the betterment of the country...I feel more responsible for the country than before....JGD." - Khushal

"A old man about 65 years of age got up and started dancing spontaneously, later he came and told the volunteers although it was a very sorrowful time the satsang made joy rush through him which he could not hold back and had to express in form of dance."

As Guruji says, " From what about me, when you start thinking what I can do for others, everything is taken care of".

Jai Gurudev!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yesterday's day  was very busy day, a amazing and a fullfilling one. It began with a PART 1 course in the morning, people mediated for world peace. 

Later in the day, on request from the National Colleger we went there to do meditation with youth as a part of the trauma care and counselling sessions we are holding around Mumbai after the 26/11 with the youth. 40 youths attended the sessions.  When we starte the session they were apprehensive and hesitant  but after the 20 min meditation they enjoyed it , these are the few experience students shared after the session.

"Things got even more fantastic when I could feel Mother Nature around me.I had the sudden urge to remove my sandals and I did just the same!" - Tanmayee describes her experince during the meditaion. 

"It was a refreshingexperience to attend it, to be free of any mental pressures for those
few minutes. It made me realise what I was missing in this concrete jungle." - Shushma 

Photos: Will be here soon!

"People are lining up for a juice haircut because it is is time ppl should pay attention and groom their inner beauty and divinty instead of grooming their outer beauty" - Vikrant.

The Bindass channel was interviewing the youth outside the National College , they interviewed Seema rao (YES + teacher) and me about. We shared with them how youth wing of AOL and WAYE are helping youth to come out of the stress and trauma. The interview was aired at 8:30 pm and 11:30 pm on the Bindass channel.

Here are 2 links to our youth division, please take a moment to visit them:

Apart from this, we did meditation with 500 students today and about 800 students yesterday in Oxford School at Kandivili.  

Just to keep you informed about my beloved hubby and your dearest Vishwas Bhaiyya, he is in Pune taking a rocking YES+ DSN!!!