Friday, February 13, 2009

The day will come!!

A devotee, Siddarth Sharma has written this poem after completing his Part 1 course.

The day will come....

I am writing this poem with all my heart,
For a special someone who stands apart.
Cause he is someone who reaches out,
to all the people in a cloud of doubt.
The kriya HE teaches is just like a treasure,
it makes us enjoy life's simple pleasures.
HE brings us together, he makes us One,
the more you give the more the fun.
The vision he shares is fo all to see,
The change we seek is for us 'TO BE'
When everyone walks, HE is the One who runs,
to have a world without bombs and guns.
All this just for a better tomorrow,
A world with joy devoid of sorrow.
But, this my friend is a distant dream,
If we don't get out and we don't scream,
That is not the responsibility of only a few good men,
To make us realise we're only human,
So let's all follow him, so our world we can save,
Just be yourself, JAI GURUDEV!!!!

1 comment:

shreya said...

oh bhaiya..
this poem is just so awsome..
wow g8!
loads of love..