Friday, April 17, 2009

Bali Bliss with GURUDEV!

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We spent four days in Bali with Guruji, each moment was fulfilling. Sharing with all of you some moments from Bali.

On the last day we had a grand feast and celebration with loads of Indian goodies which Inodnesian and balanese people loved. We asked them to have masala dosa.....masala dosa means a combination of the good and evil for they did not want to have this combination.

Guruji ended the session saying,"During the day find some or the other reason to be greatful, make a shift from grumbling to greatfullness...the more greatful the more grace flows."

Guruji said next year lot of people should come to Bali. The people of Bali are very loving and sweet. For the can go and enjoy and get loads of stuff back home....the dates are 7th,8th,9th April 2010. So you can start to earn more and save more and plan more.....hope to see you there.


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Its lovely.. said...

Natural expression of gurudev...eye catching seneries..lovely pics...tempting to visit...LOVE..JGD

niti said...

its awesome i enjoyed a lol .plzzz enroll in it. plzzzzz plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!