Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Art of Living Courses in Kandivili West - YES (Youth empowerment Seminar)

"Just information is not education. It is culturing our behavior, culturing our attitude and the ability to perceive things better. Perception, Observation and Expression - the three aspects of education have to be improved”- Sri Sri Ravishankar

Today, more and more youngsters are visiting psychologists, psychiatrists and seeking help from counselors. Clearly stressful factors like an arduous education system, rising competition, increasing parental pressures, common teenage issues, tough careers and large expectations from the youth are taking their toll on these young minds. The present day youth has no direction. He/she is totally confused. Lacks guidance.

The Art of Living has recognized the need of the young adults in society and has a program, which is specifically tailored to the youth. Called the ‘Youth Empowerment Seminar’ or The YES Program, this workshop teaches teenagers how to accept themselves and other people, handle all situations in life, makes them responsible and efficient, tackles problems like depression, lack of confidence, loneliness and lack of concentration. All these are the very problems the youth face and are not able to bring to the fore. By subduing their inner feelings, they become reserved, shy, reticent and depressed. Through fun processes, games, laughter and meditation, the teens are taught to tackle various issues. The Young Adults Workshop prepares all youngsters for a better life ahead, no matter how confident, responsible they already are. Gone are the days when yoga and meditation were considered activities for the middle aged and old generation. Today, more and more youngsters are enrolling in the YES Program to get a grip on their lives.

YES is both fun and challenging, this 18 hour seminar provides teens of the age group 14-18 Yrs with a comprehensive toolbox to both manage their own emotions and stress as well as dynamically navigate through adolescence. The program broadens youth's vision of the world and provides practical knowledge and skills they need to realize their highest potential. Independent research has also shown that the processes learned on YES! reduce anger, violence and depression, as well as improve focus, clarity of mind and concentration.
21-26TH APRIL ‘09
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