Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Art of Living courses in Kandivili West - ART EXCEL

To truly excel in life is an art, and though much emphasis has traditionally been placed on higher academic achievement, more can be done to give children the tools to handle stress and live life to their fullest potential. The true measure of success is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child that is able to deal effectively with life’s challenges. The ART Excel course is a highly effective stress management and human values training program for children.
A unique aspect of the program is a specific set of breathing techniques that systematically release emotional and physical stress.

Children can use these techniques in any situation to bring about a state of calmness and relaxation, and human values such as joy, friendliness and compassion that are naturally present in children but may have been hidden by stress become apparent.

Practice of these techniques also increases mental clarity and focus. With the ability to thinking clearly, manage their emotions and release stress, children are able to excel in all aspects of life; academic, social, and extracurricular.

The course starts on 21st April to 26th April at KVSC from 11am to 2 pm
Courtesy:Navin Uncle

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vivek said...

i was a part of this YES course.i cant tell how fortunate i am to have the opportunity of participating in this course.the course taught us so much that to remember all of them, we need to revise them everyday.the teachings in practical were mindblowing,fantastic,fabulous,ETC.