Thursday, March 19, 2009

HE is always with us.

In our present part 1 course, there is a lady who comes from Gorai. She leaves her house at 5:15am to take a bus and come to Mahavir Nagar. Today, she was waiting for a long time but there was no bus which arrived. She called the person who had reffered her to the course and asked what to do, how she could reach the course. This person asked her to pray to Guruji and said he would arrange to reach her on time for the course. Few minutes later, a rickshaw pulled in front of her. The rickshaw driver just nodded asking her to sit , she got in without thinking much (which she says, she would have never done normally). She did not tell the rickshaw driver where she wanted to go. The rickshaw driver brought her to Kamla Vihar Sports Club, Mahavir Nagar and said " Yehi aana tha na tumko, ab main roz subah tumhe lene aaonga". When she looked up, she felt it was Guruji who had come to reach her to the course on time. She was in complete awe and tears flowed as she narrated this experience in the course.

This is how grace flows in our lives. We just need to feel the presence of our Master, one call from the depth of our heart and he comes to take care of us.

HE is always with us.


vidur said...

Good to see the new look of the blog! Plenty of interesting read too.

Random Reflections said...

Beautiful Guru Story ! All is needed is our faith !

Jai Guru Dev