Friday, March 27, 2009

GURUDEV SAYS ......!!!


If you have problems, remember five things.
- Everything is impermanent, it will pass, and things will change.

- You are bigger than the problem, it only seems to you that your energy is lower but your own consciousness is bigger than any problem.

- Remember (you can realize from past events) that you have always been supported and helped, know that you will always be supported.

- Think of those with problems bigger than yours, that will shift your focus from yourself.

- Put things in perspective against the cosmos, everything is nothing as the Buddhists say but that nothing is not emptiness, it is emptiness pervaded by our consciousness which is but love and compassion. Everything is nothing. That will give you such deep rest when you meditate upon it...(he took us through a most restful meditation after that) .

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