Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pearls of knowledge from Vishwas Bhaiyya - 3

Bhaiyya also spoke about an individuals Aura and charkas. And how your Aura is wide when your sadhana is perfect. Then the presence of the person speaks. He said you are 99% presence and your actions and words speak only 1%.
He ended by giving an example of a clock.A clock works because all its hands are joint in the center. That is the reason it shows the correct time at that particular time. But if it is not attached to the center it will be scattered, neither will it show right time nor will it be able to move beyond a certain area.
Same way in our life, the center of the clock is our GURU and we are the hands and the numbers 1to12 arethe opportunities or goals we want to achieve. If we are joint to the centre ie the GURU we will automatically get the right things at the right time. But if we are not attached to our center ,we will run in two directions, say three directions but miss out on all other opportunities. GURU will help you get the right opportunities at the right time and thus achieve all your goals systematically.

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Acoustic Dreamer said...

Wow! This is amazing!
Jai Guru Dev! Krish :)