Monday, January 12, 2009

Pearls of knowledge from Vishwas Bhaiyya - 2

Vishwas Bhaiyya mentioned that according to him there are only 5 major professions which and individual must pursue:

1. Art of Living teacher
2. IPS
4. Army,navy,Air force
5. Entrepreneur

Our gurukul system was also based on these 5 aspects and so the country was so happy. The Guru in those days chose the profession for their students according to their abilities.

He then went on to speak about about the difference between dispassion and moksha. Moksha means liberation and dispassion means vairagya.Though both are closely related,dispassion can come because of various reasons like smashan vairagya, vairagya out of vivek is good but difficult to achieve. He narrated a story of Lord Rama who at the age of 16 felt totally frustrated after seeing that in childhood people fool you by showing moon and feeding, in toddler they fool you with the watchman, when you are young you are fooled by desires and in old age the body fools you, even when you die you need 4 people to carry you. He was amazed with the amount of dependency one had on others. At this point of time His guru came and gave him the right knowledge and showed him a way out. So even for the master of the world a Guru was required to get that knowledge at the right time. Then after knowing everything Lord Rama went through the whole drama of getting married, going for the vanvas, crying laughing as a PLAY. He was free….he knew how and why everything is happening to him.

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