Monday, January 12, 2009

Pearls of knowledge from Vishwas Bhaiyya - 1

This is a series of excerpts from knowledge sessions with Vishwas Bhaiyya.

In this knowledge session he spoke about,
Intension,Attention and Manifestation.If your intensions are clear and you put attention on it,i.e .act on it, it has to manifest for you. He said whenever you go to do any thing go with the intension that I want to do it to help myself and the other person too. Not only for selfish reasons. He also said that WHEN YOU PLAN FOR YOURSELF,GOD LAUGHS.WHEN GOD PLANS FOR YOU,YOU CRY. Instead enjoy each moment of your life.Know that God is the best person to plan and you live life as it comes.Feel free and happy and no one will be able to shake you. Know that everything changes.

Make your desires your need.It must not be with the intention that she has that so I want it, but make it your need. Eg: You want a 3bed house so that you can accommodate more people or because you need it for your family not because some one else has it.

P.S: All the readers of our blog should listen to Guruji's talk on Intention, Attention and Manifestation. This is a suggestion from our dear Vishwas Bhaiyya.

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