Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guruji's Talk on BramhaNaad 2008 (Translation) / 21 Nov 2008

Both, Music and spirituality bring harmony in life. Meditation brings silence within and brings music from the soul. Whereas, good music brings calmness to the mind, and gives rest and strength to the body.

Whenever I said, that many Sitars will be played simultaneously, people always told me, that is impossible & it can never happen. I said, The power of "Yoga" makes possible what seems impossible.

When so many sitars play at the same time, it is not just Sound (Naad), it is Divinity - Brahmanaad. We are a nation of a billion people. We should be able to find 1000 sitar players from within Delhi . But this did not happen. We had to search for them from all over India and bring them together. This shows that we have ignored our music and culture. We are not giving as much importance and priority as it deserves.
Through this programme, we get this message - that we should encourage our children to learn Indian classical music. This way we can make our culture glow brighter. We have to keep our classical music alive. Today, we can see here, people of all age are present, from a 6 year old child to a 77 year old scholar. There is a saying - "kavya shastra vinodak alok gacchate dhimata". It is a sign of an intelligent person that he devotes his time to music, art, scriptures, poetry, wit and meditation. And, a foolish person wastes his time in addictions, quarrels, botheration and all kinds of frivolous conversation and gossip. They stay busy creating trouble for themselves and others.

It is a necessity in this country, that people become intelligent and start spending their time in art and culture.
So I would like youth here...more and more youth to learn the classical music. It´s a unique gift to the world. Our classical music is unique in itself, it uplifts the spirit... So, this brahmanaad is a call to all the people of India .

First, it is "annam brahma"- Food is god. Our ancestors said - Grow food. There is no need to go and search for God anywhere else..."anne brahme tejana" ...See God in food. Feed the hungry. In our scriptures, so much is said about this.
Next is "prana-brahma"- Life-energy is god. Worship life. Do sadhana, pranayam, meditation. Make your life glow from within by doing regular sadhana.
Then there is "naad-brahma"- the divine sound. Blend with the melody, get immersed with the rhythm. It is a kind of meditation. Through music, you will transcend to "samadhi" - a higher level of being.
Then, science is God, Knowledge is god. Then, there is a realization, Joy is god.

In this way, the idea of the progress of life, the goal of life, the evolution of life is conceptualized. Today we are at a moment in history, that if we save our culture and revive our ancient artistry, then this nation & the nationalites will flourish. So, I am grateful to all these musicians here. These days, lesser number of people prefer to listen to classical music. Still, these musicians are taking immense interest in music by learning it, and they are inspiring others to take interest in it. For sure, their effort will be fruitful. And, we always have our music maestros like Shiv Kumarji & their blessings will always be there for all the musicians.
So, if you want to save Indian culture, save our music; save our traditions, lifestyle and food habits. Through Music, Yoga, by practicing Pranayam and Meditation, we will put our culture on a even higher pedestal. We will soothe all the souls who are in need. People in Bihar are suffering. But they are serving as an example to the whole world. These days there is a big financial crisis. All around, people are depressed. Their enthusiasn has died out. They are scared. In these times, the people of Bihar have a message for all, look at us. We have lost everything in floods. But still, we are alive. We are in a worse situation than you all. But God is within us.
God will surely help these people. They are so many of them. They will surely come together and find a solution.
We believe that the whole world is one family "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam"... This is the culture we are born in. Can we not help those in need? We can definitely help each other. That much humanity is still alive; we can all help each other.

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