Monday, November 17, 2008

A Fresh Experience - DSN Malad, 13 - 16 Nov 2008

Jai Gurudev !!!
DSN - Divya Samaj ka Nirman; is a beautiful course designed to bring IPOD - Inner Peace & Outer Dynamism. From 13 - 16 Nov 2008, participants from Kandivli, Malad, Goregaon & Juhu gathered to feel the magic of DSN. Many people, as usual, have impressions about many things on their minds - it may be about life, about a personality, about success, abut seva, etc. However, DSN give you a unique experience to integrate seva and makes it a part of one's nature and behaviour. Here are some moments which were captured by us during this DSN Course......
And for all those who want to experience this magic may enroll themselves for the next DSN happening from 23 - 26 January 2009 @ Gurudwara, Hindustan Chowk, Near Dasmesh School, Mulund Colony, Mulund West, Mumbai - 80. Contacts:- Jyotsna Shah - 9820733771 / Hardik Shah - 9820284986.


Rekha said...

I would like to share my experience of the DSN course . Intially i was alittle hesitant as to will i be able to go through it and complete the course . But i wouldd like to let you know the experiece was really very great . I have not felt so good about life or about myself and the people around me . I feel very grateful towards one and all. The total feel is simply amazing.

vaishali said...

Jai Gurudev !
I am Vaishali, I joined Art of Living one and half years back. Since then it has been the most beautiful experience of my life. I only wish i had joined it much earlier, but as you all know better late then never.
About my DSN course it was the most reforming experience which is very hard to express. I feel that each and every one must feel this joy. You actually start feeling good about yourself and everything around you. In this three and half days this has given me sense of belonging, togetherness, joy, pain, freedom, flexibility, self-confidence, attachment and full of energy. To experience all this things in these few days is really amazing. There is so much attachment you really feel something nice has come to an end, feels like i have left a part of me behind. We meet everyone here from different walks-of-life, coming together as one and share the beautiful knowledge on life.
About our teacher, there are words in describing him. One thing about Vishwas Bhaya when he talks i can listen to him for hours and hours. All Vishwas Bhaya`s Guru stories are amazing and inspiring.The way he explains it is a inspiration to me. There is some many things we learnt from him. In short, he has enriched and enlightened me.
About Padmasadana, i feel it was so much fun. I became so flexible, it make you feel very light. This process of Padmasadana is great. It heals you on so many levels, your heart, mind and body. I feel so good about myself, I am loving it, each and everything about this course is great. All teachers and volunteer were very co-oprerative and helpful.
I also wanted to add that everyone should experience this course sometime in their life.