Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guru Story - An Experience of Bhakti

Jai Gurudev !!!

The sunday morning had charged up with the bright sunshine and the Lion - our one & only Vishwas Bhaiyya roaring and inviting his fellowmates to join him for the interesting and challenging up-coming projects. The dialogue began with his confident voice, loud and clear; to each and everyone of us to intensify our Sadhana, Seva & Satsang activities for creating a lovely and satwick environment. All of us were engrossed listening to his vast knowledge and unqiue experiences and the way in which Guruji had blessed him & many others to make His Sankalpa come true.

The vibrations of these dialogues had clouded our mind, melting our hearts and making us visualize and feel Guruji's presence amongst us. A moment arrived, when Vishwas Bhaiyya was to continue with another Guru Story and his phone rang with vibration. The Lioness - Alka Didi ran to receive the phone. Receiving the phone-call, she moved towards Vishwas Bhaiyya saying "Guruji is on the phone".

That moment, our faces glowed with brightness and smile coming from within our souls followed by the feeling of devotion, serenity and contentment. This incidence makes us realise that our unconditional love, faith, devotion towards the Divine brings us liberation by connecting us with Guruji - the Divine, in a split of a second.

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