Friday, December 5, 2008

Meditation and chanting for WORLD PEACE on Dec 4th 2008 at Kamla Vihar Sports Club, Kandivili (W) Mumbai.
Hats off to all seva warriors in Kandivili who took up this cause of getting ppl to meditate for world peace. In just 2 days they collected over 1000 people to meditate together.

Comments from Volunteers (Experiences of satsang):

"The venue Kamla Vihar sports club was not available for the satsang till the last minute as a party was to be held there. We all were praying hoping that we get the venue, at the last minute 150 guests for the party cancelled their plans, so the party was shifted to the terrace and the venue was available for the satsang. The decorations for the party were left as it is, so it looked like it was all done for the meditation. This is how grace flows in our lives."

"I felt a deep sense of peace within and the josh to take an action for the betterment of the country...I feel more responsible for the country than before....JGD." - Khushal

"A old man about 65 years of age got up and started dancing spontaneously, later he came and told the volunteers although it was a very sorrowful time the satsang made joy rush through him which he could not hold back and had to express in form of dance."

As Guruji says, " From what about me, when you start thinking what I can do for others, everything is taken care of".

Jai Gurudev!

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love moves the world said...

jai gurudev
its really good to see 1000 people in 2 days..

yes plus pune is organizing the same thing with a target of 5000 youth and plus..

would require all you people's blessings.

jai gurudev