Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yesterday's day  was very busy day, a amazing and a fullfilling one. It began with a PART 1 course in the morning, people mediated for world peace. 

Later in the day, on request from the National Colleger we went there to do meditation with youth as a part of the trauma care and counselling sessions we are holding around Mumbai after the 26/11 with the youth. 40 youths attended the sessions.  When we starte the session they were apprehensive and hesitant  but after the 20 min meditation they enjoyed it , these are the few experience students shared after the session.

"Things got even more fantastic when I could feel Mother Nature around me.I had the sudden urge to remove my sandals and I did just the same!" - Tanmayee describes her experince during the meditaion. 

"It was a refreshingexperience to attend it, to be free of any mental pressures for those
few minutes. It made me realise what I was missing in this concrete jungle." - Shushma 

Photos: Will be here soon!

"People are lining up for a juice haircut because it is is time ppl should pay attention and groom their inner beauty and divinty instead of grooming their outer beauty" - Vikrant.

The Bindass channel was interviewing the youth outside the National College , they interviewed Seema rao (YES + teacher) and me about. We shared with them how youth wing of AOL and WAYE are helping youth to come out of the stress and trauma. The interview was aired at 8:30 pm and 11:30 pm on the Bindass channel.

Here are 2 links to our youth division, please take a moment to visit them:

Apart from this, we did meditation with 500 students today and about 800 students yesterday in Oxford School at Kandivili.  

Just to keep you informed about my beloved hubby and your dearest Vishwas Bhaiyya, he is in Pune taking a rocking YES+ DSN!!! 


love moves the world said...

yes bhaiya definatly took a rockin yes plus dsn
i was one of them...
amazing, awesome and fantabulous experience

Chetan Chandak said...

DSN finally done!!!

Jai gurudev Bhaiya,

Remember I am Chetan from DSN pune, whose hand was broken during the course and you advised to drink lots of water.

After almost one year my DSN is atlast completed.
Last December i went to Mumbai to do DSN with Bawa, while reaching the venue there where plenty of unpleasant situations which were created (off course by Guruji) which landed me to the venue late aand Bawa didnt allowed me to sit in the course. There were various situations because of which i was late to the course like i and my Colleagues were not able to catch the Bus to Mumbai in time because bus was late, after reaching to mumbai, we didnt get any taxi for about 45min to reach the venue, after finally catching the taxi, we were just moving round and round around the venue(which was a building in Matunga) for about half an hour, likewise there were various incidences which could not be avoidable and i could not do the course with Bawa.
On 15th May i again planned to do the course which was with Vikram Bhaiya. On 13th May(Guruji's Birthday) there was big Satsang and registeration for the course was going on, but on that day I didnt had any money to register for the course. So i was told to register for the course on next day at the V.V.K office. So on next day in morning i called to V.V.K office for my registeration, and on the phone someone incharge over there told me that registerations are full and you cannot register now. So it was definate that i will not do this course. The course started on 15th May. As usual i called to my 2-3 friends on 17th May and asked them what are you doing? and they answered DSN!!!! I said what???? and they said "we registered on the spot". I said "What there were registerations on the spot on the 1st day of the course????" and everyone said "YESSSS!!!!". AND this how i could not do my DSN for the 2nd time.
So now i thought that Guruji wants me to do one more Advance course and then DSN, so i started collecting money for Winter break Advance course.
Last month in November I was assisting YES plus course with Rohit Bhaiya, and after the course we always had a discussion and he use to say some or either story about Vishwas Bhaiya. And "maan he maan mein, mein sochne laga ki ye Vishwas bhaiya se milna padega".
And sooner the date of DSN with Vishwas bhaiya was approaching, there were lots of calls and sms from all the volunteers and teachers, but I now didnt had to do DSN, because I had to do winter break Advance. So when i went to register for advance course i came to knew that 'Sorry registeration are closed for Advance course from today and for DSN it is open'. So i started thinking that 'ab kya? I have to do advance first then dsn' and when i was thinking about this suddenly Priti didi told me that 'Chetan do you know what is DSN about??' and i said from confused mind very slowly and calmly 'No i dont know' and with no further conversation i removed money from my pocket and said plz register me as i had no choiced.
On the first day of the course i.e. the reporting day i reached the venue before one and half hour. On that day i was very unsure that 'will this DSN happen for me, will i complete the course?' and on the next day while playing the game i felt down and my hand was shivering like anyhing and i thought that it would be a fracture because i was not able to move it and it was a deep pain. And that time i remember the word 'COMMITMENT' which was taught by Vishwas bhaiya on previous day. I went near to Guruji's photo and said "Guruji, i was not able to do my last 2 DSN and now i am commited, you whatever do i will do this course, you break my hand or my legs but i am commited i will do the course' and amazingly when i went out for Seva and when i use to do Padma aashana the pain use to vanish...all Guru's grace...Whenever there would be pain the hand would get swollen. And when the course ended the total pain on the next day Vanished!!!!!!!
And the Biggest lesson in the course which i learnt was 'COMMITMENT'. When you are commited you can do anything.

Yours Lovingly,
Chetankumar Chandak