Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a freedom with Eternity Process

Since childhood I had water phobia and always use to dream that I am surrounded by water and that I am going to get drowned. The frequency of the dream decreased after doing sudarshan kriya and advance course. But always use to wonder why the same dream kept on coming again and again.

After a lot of hesitation did the eternity process.

Then to my shock I discovered that I died due to drowning in water at the tender age of 25. Now I am sure that my phobia for water has gone and I will be able to enjoy with my friends which I was not able to till now.

What a freedom.

Also I was not sure why I was into Art of living but after the process I realized that the purpose of my life is to serve. Was into Art of living for the past 10 years and all the people I met on the path asked me to do TTC, that is serve the world through knowledge.

But I never ended doing it. Now I am very very clear of my vision and goal in this life time. We are here to reach this knowledge to remote villages and to the farest country on this planet.

We all have a goal and a purpose which we come with but as we move ahead we get entangled and attracted to different things, sometimes people or situations. But Now I am clear what I have to do.

Wish you all also get an insight of your goals. All the best.

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