Thursday, September 10, 2009

A DSN Experience

A beautiful DSN experience shared by a participant who experienced it with Vishwas Bhaiyya


DSN-Do Surya Namaskar

DSN-Do Seva Now

DSN-Do Seventy five Nadishodhan

DSN-Don’t Say No

DSN-Damn it Salt Nahi

DSN-Daily Sleepless Nights

DSN-Dull Sombayrees Not-allowed

Also DSN-Divya Samaaj ka Nirmaan

These are the underlying Abbreviations of DSN.

WHAT I LEARNT: When your mind says NO it’s kidding with you. So smile at it and say YES.

DSN for me has been 3 days of non-stop unleashing of the beastly courage in me; I have realized that there are no boundaries in life if one consciously decides to break all the physical and mental barriers. Now I feel that real freedom is when we step out of the comfort zone to the courage zone. An indescribable joy which swells with every brave step we take with a pure intention and commitment, this is what DSN is all about. It is as simple as this, it’s always easy to let go than to hold on.

I feel so lucky to have done this DSN under Vishwas Bhaiya; it’s like learning the law of gravity from Newton himself. I have never in my life seen a person who is so much from the heart. He has such a unique presence which made me feel so connected throughout. His rawness and the intensity in his words just surpasses the head and directly reaches the heart. A sweet is called sweet because it is Sweet. So is Vishwas Bhaiya he is called Vishwas because he is the personification of faith.



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In Search Of Myself said...

Jai Gurudev bhaiya!

The DSN was totally jhakaas and you were ultimately bindass.

There is a girl who registered for the course, but could not do it. She now wants to do DSN ONLY with you where ever it is, even if outseide India. :)

~ Ashwani