Sunday, July 5, 2009

Five signs of a Guru.

Five signs of a Guru.

1. Dukha Kshaya

Sorrow Diminishes. Just give all your botherations toGuruji.

2. Sukha Aavirbhaava

Without any apparent reason, joy wells up... happinesssimply wells up in life. If it does, know that either the Guruis in your thoughts or you are in Guruji's thoughts! Wheneverthere is a Satsang or a course, go and help out. Samvridhi and Samvardhan(see below)happen on their own.

3. Gyaan Raksha

Knowledge gets preserved. You know many things but suddenly when you sit in the course,it comes back. Protecting the knowledge that you already have.

4. Sarva Samvridhi

There is no lack or dearth. The feeling of lack diminishes. With a child, if you go and askthem 'what do you want?'. They will say 'nothing'. Abundance starts happening... in mindand heart. This indicates you are getting closer to the Guru.

5. Sarva Guna Samvardhan

Talents start coming out. Peoplewho have never written poemsstart writing... skills whichyou never have had beforestart coming out. If you doTTC, all these skills start comingout. For example, in TTC,you are given half hour to gocook for 100 people. <<>>.This indicates Samvardhan.

These are the five characteristics of the Guru.... five qualities.And coming near the Guru doesn't mean just sitting near the Guru. In the heart you need tofeel close.

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