Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Interview with Vishwasji

Q1 ) How can the urban youth contribute the nation?

The urban youth should start realising that they also shouder the responsibility to contribute for development of the nation. Confining themselves to their comfort zone wll not help. A shift in attitude has to happen from complaining to claiming , taking responsibility and moving foward.

Q2) What to do?
Every time is a 1st. The 1st step is, do you feel something for our country?; and taking this forward you vote. The moment you know you have voted, that action for the country has started. Now, after that don’t stop- go ahead. Just like you take interest in Love and Career- it was new and you didn’t know what to do- but you take the jump. So once you start owning the country, then you think more- meditate/ take responsibility. Politics is not bad or good, only what people make out of it. System is never corrupt, corrupt people sit in the system. So when value-based people join the system, there is a positive change. “A knife has no significance of its own, it depends on the one who holds it”- a thief who does harm or a surgeon who does good.

Q3) Voting is the 1st step, whats the 2nd step?

Youth should take politics as a career.

Q4) How?

Just the way you took Engineering by going to a college, the same way- join a beautiful NGO, that takes such important activities like Rural development, and train yourself to be one.

Q5) What about money?

So generate- just like you take care of your family- you do whatever for your family- so just expand this.

There are 3 types of Daan:

Shram daan , Arth daan ,Vidya daan.

Infact, youth should start a life with this beautiful thought. Just thinking of themselves they stop- but when you think more and give more- the more you get- just like a musician- the more he shares, the more appreciation he enjoys and it’s a cycle. The same with wealth- there is so much money just lying in the Swiss bank. But if you only expand and think of others it can be put to such good use.

Q6) What about my parents?

Do you have an inclination to do what they are saying? It is very important that you make them proud and if you really love them, then do something good. The first thing is to convert your Love to Commitment. Eg. Jagjit Singh gave the IAS examination but is now a great singer and we love his music.Listen to your heart; your insight says something and when you do that, you make your parents proud. Eg. Bhagat Singh was the son of a farmer, and his parents also wanted that he be one, get married and settle down. But had he done what his parents wished, our country would not have been free and we would not have such a great inspiration to look forward to.

Q7) How to tackle angry parents?

Use your skill, but deal by heart. Just the way you fight with them for a bike.

Q8) What are the educational qualifications that are required?

Most of our greatest politicians are from a rural background and they have learnt by serving.

Q9) What is the relevance of Spirituality and Politics?

An ant’s house can grow tall, but will be destroyed with the wind.So true strength to serve comes out of Spirituality. All politicians come up with the intention to serve but without spirituality they either become corrupt or tired. Look at all the honest IAS/IPS Officers around- so the intention with spiritual value gives you so much strength. Spirituality brings such a good balance between strength (courage) and sensitivity (compassion). Santo ka sangati bahut zaruri hai. Isi sangat se who vishwas ata hai ki mere saath koi hai.

Q10) What is your vision for the Youth of our country?

I see Youth making this country TRULY YOUTHFUL.Pehle jab Kuruksetra hua tha- uss Kurukstetra se Mahabharat hua. Agar iss Kurukshetra mein Yuva uthte hai, to ek MAHAN BHARAT khada kar sakte hai.

Maharshi Vashista se Ram Rajya hua tha.

Sri Krishna ke maarg darshan se Mahabharat hua.

Swami Samarth Ramdass ke aashirwaad se Chatrapati Shivaji ne Hindvi Swarajki stapna ki. Guru Chanakya ke maarg darshan se Bharat ka uddhar kiya.

Aur Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji ke marg darshan se MAHAN BHARAT hoga.

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